Hockings Collection

The late David Hockings was a member of Native Plants Sunshine Coast and a well know plant enthusiast and author.

The Hockings Collection

was an amazing array of rare and unusual plants which he collected over many years as he travelled the highways and byways of Queensland.

Several of us are propagating a significant selection of these plants so they can be available for sale.  Our goal is that they will  find their way into many gardens. The conservation and horticultural value of the cultivation of these plants should not be underestimated. Access to propagation material of unusual plants and the availability of new plants stimulates interest in the growing and conservation of native plants on a broader scale.

 Branch members enjoyed many productive hours working in David’s nursery and learning from David’s expertise. There was always some stunning and unusual plant in flower in David’s garden for us to admire.

Some “hard to get” plants have been made available at regional Native Flower Shows and Plants Market.

2015 Mar22 David Ian Chrissie Dan

2015 mar22 David H

The team at work.