About Us

Qld Gdn Expo - Friday

 We are passionate about the horticultural potential  of Australian plants.

We are a knowledge focussed community promoting:

  • the value and cultivation of Australian plants; and
  • the conservation of Australian Native Plants and their habitats.

Native Plants Sunshine Coast  is working to achieve:

  • the planting of our native flora in local private and public gardens;
  • the expansion of  national parks and reserves to  conserve local species and habitats;
  • continued research and education about our local flora; and
  • the diversification of commercial nurseries to  provide garden stock of Australian species.

Activities conducted for these purposes include:

  • regular meetings including exchange of information, guest speakers, assistance in identifying plant specimens and exchange of propagation material;
  • excursions and garden visits to see Australian plants in their native habitat and in cultivation;
  • participation in appropriate shows and exhibitions, conferences and workshops;
  • undertaking projects and supporting study groups on plant groups of particular interest;
  • liaison with like minded organisations; and
  • developing a library of information and resources.