Native Plants Sunshine Coast enthusiastically welcomes people interested in being a member

You can join us by becoming a member of NPQ, of which we are a branch. This entitles you to attend branch meetings anywhere in the state and receive a quarterly full colour Bulletin.  The membership subscription is currently  $45 for the first year and $40 for subsequent years.  Student membership is $25.  Some branches may have a small additional fee (ours is currently $0 per annum) to cover aspects such as insurance. Further benefits of membership, which include access to our seed bank and library, and how to apply for membership are detailed in the NPQ website.

Native Plants Sunshine Coast meets on the second Sunday of each month, except December and January, at various locations.  Outings are usually in the morning and each member is informed  well in advance via email.  They range from a meeting and garden walk at a member’s home, to talks from experts on various topics, to walks through the wide variety of natural areas of the Sunshine Coast. Our events are also published in a number of local newspapers.

We are a friendly group and most of us are enthusiastic amateurs. Some of us are plant experts who share their enormous store of botanical and horticultural knowledge with the group. Above all, we are all keen to promote the growing of Australian plants and learn more about these plants and their habitats.

There is a range of current activities in which you can become involved:

  • propagating native plants for our regular member exchanges;
  • participating in our Rare Plants Propagation Project;
  • growing plants for and helping at the Mapleton Community Library fair;
  • contributing to this web site and our regular Newsletter; and
  • if you are keen on publishing we also have projects that might appeal to you.

Come along to a few events, meet our members. We hope you will decide we are a group you would like to join.