Your Garden

It goes without saying that every garden is individual, reflecting the owner’s needs, preferences, opportunity, and ability to grow and enjoy at least some members of the world of plants. A balcony or sunny windowsill is enough for a few pots and even those fortunate enough to live on acreage find they can run out of space!

There are well-known garden styles including cottage, courtyard, a garden with “rooms”, informal, formal, or perhaps a garden that displays specific groups like coastal or rainforest plants. There are many native plants to suit all styles. They also blend well with favourite exotic plants, non-weedy of course.

The attached brochure is a collection of  images and information about native plants which in the experience of members grow well in the local environment. Native Plants for Local Gardens

We all love colour in our gardens but remember the importance of foliage. Flowers are generally seasonal; shape (form) and foliage are the backbone of the year round garden. The new leaves of many native plants are themselves colourful. Links to further pages will provide more information about particular garden styles including a guide to useful plants.

ferns, cordylinescolour

informal path

Xerochrysum bracteatum copy

We are preparing a series of Guides which will help you to create the style of Native Garden you wish.

These will be individually accessible from this page.



Garden Style Guides

A Cottage Garden .

You  may like to refer to our complementary cottage garden Brochure.

A Rainforest Garden

A Bush Garden

Creative Space

Further Garden Style Guides are being prepared.

As part of this series we have developed brochures for those who may wish to establish gardens based on: