Last year we published our first branch Newsletter, which we intend will be a regular series. We hope you find it informative.                     Newsletter May 2015

Further editions of the Newsletter have now been published and we have adopted a name for the series, which  we believe you will enjoy. The Editor of Banksia Bytes would welcome your contribution, which might include a report of a recent excursion, a technical  article or advice of  a coming event.


Banksia Bytes, February 2018

Banksia Bytes, April 2018

Banksia Bytes, August 2018

Banksia Bytes, November 2018

Banksia Bytes, March 2019


Banksia Bytes, February 2017

Banksia Bytes , May 2017

Banksia Bytes , August 2017


Banksia Bytes , March 2016  –  a bumper issue

Banksia Bytes , May 2016

Banksia Bytes, September 2016

Banksia Bytes, November 2016


Banksia Bytes , July 2015.

Banksia Bytes , August 2015

Banksia Bytes , September 2015

Banksia Bytes , November/December 2015


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