Native Plants Sunshine Coast



We are a friendly group of Sunshine Coast locals keen to grow, promote, study and conserve Australian native plants. Some of us are plant experts who bring an enormous store of botanical, horticultural and local knowledge to the group. Most of us are enthusiastic amateurs  —– About Us

Native Plants Sunshine Coast is part of the state wide organisation known as Native Plants Queensland (NPQ). This organisation was formed in 1957 to promote the horticultural potential of Australian native plants and preserve them through cultivation. It now has about 1200 members across a network of branches.

There are similar autonomous regional community organisations in each State and Territory, with headquarters in the capital cities and numerous branches. These are affiliated under an Australia wide body known as the Australian Native Plant Society (Australia) Inc ( ANPSA ).  The total membership across Australia is over 8,000 and we are part of one of our largest horticultural societies.  Together we are making a significant contribution to understanding Australia’s flora and to fostering its wider introduction into nurseries and home gardens.